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Message From Secretary of Water & Power Department Gilgit Baltistan

The water and Power Department under the provincial government of Gilgit Baltistan has been established by the government with the responsibilities of:

  • Energy Generation (conductivity, feasibility, subways, planning, execution, testing, commissioning).
  • Energy transmission and distribution.
  • Sale of energy (Billing).

Since its inception, and taking the immense opportunities of hydro potential in the areas, the department has focused energy generation mainly based on hydropower. Generation from sources other than hydro is less than 10%. Electricity tariff based on hydro is also lower than the tariff in the other part of the country. The department is strictly hard to cater to the ever-increasing demand for electricity of its consumers and various generation and system improvement projects are under execution and in the pipeline. The department further uses its consumers to abide by the rules & regulations of the department and ensure only permissible use of electricity. Electricity theft is a punishable crime and may be avoided. The department is further planning ease for the consumers (Energy for the future ).

Operational Projects

Card Image
18 MW Naltar
Installed Capacity
18 MW

Card Image
16 MW Naltar
Installed Capacity
16 MW

Card Image
14 MW Naltar
Installed Capacity
14 MW

Investment Projects

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WPDGB manpower needs to be continuously trained at all times to remain efficient and provide round the clock service. The training needs to be made competitive to help selection of the right man for the right job who should be able to handle enhanced responsibilities.


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